Sunday, April 24, 1994

April 24, 1994

Dear Diary,
I have this hunger but it's not for food its for Dougs love. I've been doing everything I can to pass the time so I can see him tomorrow but it feels like time is going twice as slow. I just wanna have him be here forever alone together. I really miss him.
Is it a waste of life to dream instead of doing? What if you really enjoy it. If it's enjoyable is it really a waste?

Thursday, April 21, 1994

April 21, 1994

Dear Journal,
Hello everything is different now. I feel really different than I did before. I have a lot to write but I don' t know if I'll write it all. I have been having the weirdest things flash through my head. Just stupid phrases like"My lover hates me" or "God has no friends".
Doug really makes me happy to see him. I wish we could be together. He says things in class that make me want to carry on really great conversations with him. He just seems so smart. I really like him.
Anyway I was walking through school today and I saw Corey C. I forgot how hot he was. Anyway I just wanted to grab him and have him as mine forever. But I guess thats foolish. Well I guess I won't tell you all I had to say because I forgot it. OOOps. Well I go cause I really need my rest so I can dream of Doug.
Smart and hot. Hmmmm.