Friday, August 27, 1993

August 27, 1993

Dear Journal,
hello I've been blueberry raking for the last 2 days. I have to go to school in 11 days. But right now I have to take a shower because of my bug bites and dirty sweaty skin from raking blueberry's. Ill see you some time soon but I have to go now so Goodbye and remember that Ill always be different.

What does that even mean?

Monday, August 16, 1993

August 16, 1993

Dear Journal,
Hello I got my Radiohead CD about 5 days ago and it has been playing ever since, its playing right now.
My birthday is in 35 days I'm gong to get CD's from everybody I don't really have anything to write but Ill find something and Ill write it some other day but Ill go for now.

Not much to write about when your not obsessing over some boy I guess.

Thursday, August 12, 1993

August 12, 1993

Dear Diary,
Hello I've decided not to look for love anymore. Its ridiculous to spend all yor time on it when it will come when it wants too.
I've also decided to dress grungy because its cool and because no one in Amherst dresses that way. I also love grunge music. I'm going to get my Radiohead CD for my birthday. I bought another Beatles CD its called Beatles for Sale. It's really good. Jesse bought a Super Nintendo. I can't wait till I get my guitar for Christmas.
Well today is just beginning and its only 11:00am so I guess I'll go and get dressed. ill see you soon because school will be starting in about 20 days the summer was very short. Goodbye.

Cool! Grunge!

I wonder how long this not looking for love thing will last.

Saturday, August 7, 1993

August 7, 1992

Dear Journal,
Hello how are you I have been out the beach. Well kind of. I went out for 4 days and came back for 4. Then I went out for 3 and back forever. Mom and dad and Jesse are still out there. I think its boring out there. I don't know who I love. No one I guess. I just feel like loving someone. Once you've fallen in love all you want to do is love and when you break up like me and you know who, well you try to find another person right away cause you miss being loved. That's how I feel at this poing in time.
I got a new CD its Sloan. I love them. I would have got Radiohead but they were sold out for the second time. Sloan is a grunge band. The words to the songs are awesome, the beat rules and they are 4 of the cutest guys in the whole universe. I'm going to go but I'll be back soon.

Well I'm glad to see that I spoke about the music before I discussed the hotness of the guys.

I didn't like the beach because there was no one my age. In later years I would bring my boyfriend Jon out there. We would close the curtain of the bedroom and jump on the bed and make noise so that all the younger kids would think we were having sex (I think this was before we actually had sex). This was how we entertained ourselves. You could only walk up and down the beach so many times in the run of a day. We only got to play with fire at night when they lit the bonfires. Playing with fire was pretty entertaining. Sometimes during the day we would find things to smoke, like tea bags, banana peels, stolen cigarettes, etc.