Monday, May 31, 1993

May 31, 1993

Dear Journal,
Hello Kevin and Steven and Jesse arent in the coven because I just realized that in order to call on the powers you must be outdoors. I'm glad because they didn't take it seriously anyway. Ill have to make a new coven. The people I would really love to have in it are Holly O, Craig L, Me and I would still need 4 boys and five girls. I think it would be easy to have Holly join. Craig would be really hard because I don't know him and he is with the "In" crowd.
I babysat Saturday and made $20 now I have $30 . I need $935.00 for all the coven equipment and about $25 for Tarot cards and about $100 for crystals, herbs and fortune telling. Summer equinox is coming up. I'll have to celebrate it. I also have to celebrate the new moon on the 20th of June.
This summer when we rent a cottage Ill get to spend my days on the beach with all the elements. I can collect objects I may need for the coven and I can go off by myself and do some spells and rituals.
Only certain people are gifted with the power and I know Holly and Craig are because I can feel it in them.
The blossoms are on the tree's its really spring now and I love it. I can hear the birds outside my window now.
I forgot to tell you about my adventure in the hospital. The first day I just sat there and ate, etc. The second day I had my operation and was in a lot of pain. The third day I got a roommate who had trouble with her bowels and stunk really bad. The fourth day I still had to smell that woman and put up with pain but I was allowed to walk around and go down the hall but I had to take my IV machine with me. Then thank god the 6th day came and I got the IV out gathered up my stuff, left that stinnky room and when I got out the doors of the hospital I yelled "free!" I felt wonderful. Then I had a very relaxed boring week at home then went back to school.
Everybody asked Steven where I was he told them I had cancer and lost all my hair. I laughed when i found that out.
Well now its almost 2 months later and I still get sore throats because the doctor things I have allergys. I have to get tested but the place is booked up until almost the end of September. The doctor gave me medicine that I have to spray up my nose. I've been sick for about a week and a half and I feel so weak. I lied to dad and said I had a headache so I could stay home today its because they do't understand how much throat hurst and they don't let me stay home.
Well its almost 10am and everyone is at school. i just called Nan to tell her that I would not be there for lunch. I might be back later on today but for now I'm going to go work on my book of shadows. I'll see ya later. Goodbye till later.

I remember feeling bad about making fun of the woman who smelled icky, now I feel bad about laughing at the cancer thing.

Wednesday, May 19, 1993

May 19, 1993

Dear Journal,
Hello I love Kevin, he was talking to me yesterday and I wanted so much to go over and have him hold me but I know he will never love me again and if he does I don't know if I will have the guts to let him know I love him. He is different but 6 months has to mean something. I still love him even the new him but I'm afraid of his new life. He hangs out with Oreo and all my old friends. the reason I was so mad yesterday was because I was jealous. I still love him and I want him back. I would never kill him like I said. I love him too much. I'm gonna go till tonight or till god knows when. Bye.

6 months has to mean something right?