Friday, March 26, 1993

March 26, 1993

Dear Journal,
Hello David Folley is gorgeous. I love him. I want to marry him! He is so cute his blond hair and flirty blue eyes. I love him a lot.
I also love Rickey H again. I'm not going out with Kevin anymore after 6 months.
I love Rickey cause he keeps telling me I'm pretty & helping me with my work in science before anyone else could. He tells me jokes and he even just plain old talks to me.
Today he looked at me and he said he was undressing me with his eyes. I laughed & so did he.
He talks to people about me whenever he sees me. Good things not bad. He always sits beside me or in back of me in school. I think he likes me. He said that thing about Kevin not taking me out then he will.
But it really made me smile when he asked me why I was so pretty. I dreamed about him all thru math. I'll dream of him tonight too. I love him and I'm going to go dream about him because I need to be close to him in some way. Bye

"And his blue eyes, and his blonde hair, he can cut it cause I don't even really care....he's just wonderful, and he's awesome, he thinks I'm pretty!" - Cecil Seaskull

Boys talk to me and I fall in love. Sickening.
...not much has changed.

Friday, March 12, 1993

March 12, 1993

Dear Diary,
Hello Kids in the Hall was really hilarious it has the most good looking guys on it. I forgot how cute David Folley was. His eyes make me want to crawl in them. They are Deep and Flirty.
God I love him. I'm gonna go its now March Break so I'll see ya. Bye.

I'm not really into blue eyes anymore. It takes a pretty vibrant pair to catch my attention. Brown on the other hand....*slips in the remains of her own melted heart*

Tuesday, March 9, 1993

March 9, 1993

Dear Journal,
I told Holly yesterday that I didn't like Kevin anymore and I don't in the least.
She asked who I wanted to marry and I told her he was dead. He was smart and he was already married before.
She didn't know who it was but it was Jim Morrison. I have dreams that he will come see me as a ghost at night. I feel weird writing about him because I feel like he can see it from heaven.
There is only 3 days till March Break.
I went to the doctor yesterday and he said I had to get my tonsils out. I'm glad. The only part I'm scared about is having the IV put in my hand. I don't care about the operation. I get to stay in the hospital for 3 days. Cool eh. I can't wait I'll get a room to have fun in just laying back from the family. Holly said she'd come visit me.
I have to go to school in 20 mins so I'm gonna finish getting ready now okay.Ill see ya in about 12 hours. Bye.

Cool I get to go to the hospital!

Also just to tie the Jim Morrison thing to the Kids in the hall thing...
Holly: Jenn who are you crushing on?
Jenn: Jim Fucking Morrison that's who!

Friday, March 5, 1993

March 5, 1993

Dear Journal,
Hello I watched kids in the hall and it was funny. They had a song on it. "Smokin on a night train, chewin on a jelly roll, tryin to climb a flag without a pole, walkin on shoes without soles". It was hilarious I can only remember that part of the song I wish I knew it all.
David Folley I love him but it's useless. I'm gonna go. Bye

Good song.