Tuesday, June 11, 1991

June 11, 1991

Gross Augh Guess what I started my period its really gross! I had no pads for a whole day and had to throw out 4 pairs of panties. (this is sectioned off from the rest of the writing with an arrow that says: Shouldn't have put this on the same page)
Well Anyway I like someone called Buffy he has a very nice body and is very cute. I wish I could go out with him but he has no idea who I am. Rachel is trying to get to know him so he'll get to know me and so on.
We got our yearbooks today. He's the first guy on page 10. My god he is so cute I really like him. In the back of my yearbook theres a page full of can you imagines and it says can you imagine Oreo and Corey not skateboarding. I think not!!!!
Well I really love Buffy I saw him at the store today he is so cute. I don't know about dark but he's tall and handsome. Well Bye.

And so begins what felt like my longest crush ever. Until he went to high school and I stayed in junior high. Then I totally forgot about him basically. But going a whole summer with a crush on a boy I didn't get to see on a regular basis, that was torture. Pure torture.
Oh and see how even in my diary I lied about starting my period. I figured it was safe since all my friends had written about it in theirs and we used to read each other our diaries all the time. If it wasn't written in my diary my friends may have been suspicious. When I actually started my period I had tons of pads. My mother had shown me where the pads were and what the blood looked like, and described to me every pain and emotion I would feel. So there were no surprises. I remember actually being kind of meh about it. I just looked and saw some blood and smirked a little and pulled a pad out from under the counter and went on with my business. No right of passage ceremony or anything. Maybe that's why I never hated my period and in later years appreciated it.