Sunday, May 12, 1991

May 12, 91

Dear Diary,
Hello guess what happened at my school on Friday there was a bomb threat. Me and Jenelle were on the grass and all of the sudden everybody comes out of the school and ambulances and fire engines and police cars are there. So we ask whats happening and all of the teachers tell us its a bomb threat. After about an hour we were told to go home and leave the school grounds. So we left and we all Me Jill Jenelle and Rachel went to Nans.
Then me and Rachel went shopping for clothes for me and found nothing. Then we went to the carnival that was fun. Then she stayed over night and we called 1 800 387 1000 this number could win a trip to Disney land. Its really dumb though. Then the next day me and Rachel got a sun tan. Mine is a light brown I dont know what hers is like.
Today for mothers day we got my mom 2 boxes of chocolates she was really happy about this. Then we got chinese food and Jesse with his dirty hands grabbed one of my bo-bo balls. The pig probably left mildew on it. Well only 4 days till I leave so I started to get ready and I packed almost all of my stuff except my last clothes.
Well I guess Ill go because this is the last yellow page so I bid you farewell from Jennifer Lynn Megeney.

I remember the bomb threat day. We were all told to wait in a field not far from the school. It was exciting stuff. Being a kid I didn't think about it at the time but they sent us all home without even knowing if we had parents to watch us, let us in the house, etc. I think thats why all my friends came to my grandmothers with me.
Oh and bo-bo balls are chicken balls. That's what my family called them when I was a kid. Dan says that he never heard of this, so I guess we were freaks.

Thursday, May 9, 1991

May 9, 91

Hello how are you today. When Me Jill and Rachel were going to school & we got there she left us. What a fucken bitch but thats the only bad thing here are the oher good ones.
When I was sleeping last night I dreamed this about Dustys brother. He is really cute and all that. So my dream was I walked up to him while he was at his house and said hi. He said hi and then he said I'm allowed. I asked him what he was talking about and he said "My mother said I was allowed to french kiss you." I was thinking "What the hell" but I was also deep down inside where I didn't want Jill to see it (she was there too) saying "Yes, Yes, Yes" because I really loved him. So afterwards me and Jill & Jenelle were at school and we just got out when we noticed there teacher (hes a grade 5 and him and all his classmates go to our school) had locked them in the class because she hated them. The windows and walls were all made of bars.
Anyway so me and Jill & Jenelle saved them all then there teacher came so we all had to take off. me and him went under the steps that lead to the upstairs on the right side of the school. And I said to him in one of those lovey joking ways if he was aloud. And he answered by kissing me for a very long time. Then when we finished he took me and hugged me and asked me to mary him but I was only in grade 7 and him in grade 5. But still i said yes and woke up. I really loved it because I wish it was true.

One of the other good things was I saw John O. again & think he is the sweetest honey in the world. I saw him before too he was at D & J's with some of his friends and he was bringing some bottles in the store and me and Jenelle were carrying pillows on our heads because we were coming from Jills sleepover. And his friend goes are you the girl who likes him & I was surprized that he remembered me cause his friend goes "Jennifer & John" sounds okay to me. I said me too and left. I wish I had stayed now. But this time he never even saw me because he was being chased by Connie I. at D & J's but he was cute as ever.
The next thing was I found out I like someone new his name is Shawn G. he's cute and we were fence jumping today. Thats a new game all of us "neighborhood" kids play. We just run then jump over the fence two people at a time and whoever gets over first wins. Well I noticed I liked him when I was chalanging him we're sort of alike. Well he's cute and "nice" I think. Some of the faces he puts on make him more cute but let me tell you he's still cute. I was also playing badminton tennis with him and Johnathan and I would serve it to him and it would go flying over his head then he would make that face. He is really cute.
Then theres Mike M. I was sitting on Melisas step and Jay L. drove by so I said hi and then Mike came after him so I said hi and Mike came over. Then he asked me if I lived there and I said no & that I lived here in this yellow house. So he said can I have some chips and I gave him the rest of the bag. Then he said thanks and asked me if I really lived here and I said yes. So he said okay and left then 5 minutes later he came over and asked if I really lived here and asked Shawn so then he believed me and I asked him why he said because and said Bye and left. I think he wants to know because he'll visit sometime or something. I wish. He also got a quarter from me today and called me nicer than Jill. I couldn't believe that because usually i'm a fucken dog. But of course Mikes nice. he says "Pardon" ha ha ha.
Well any way today we had this thing at the stadum and what you do is we went and one of those power line buckets was lowered for me and Jill and we put on belts and hats and went way up high as Kyla calls it. It wasn't scary but I saw John again he was there and still cute as ever. I hope I see him around soon and I also hope to see Mike come to my house and also see Dustys brother and find out his name.
Well after school Rachel walked with us after hanging out with other friends so you can tell she is using us.
After school Me Jill and Jenelle went to Mrs. Kirkpatricks room and cleaned up for her. Usually people who have a detention do it but we did it and I cleaned off the board. The people with detentions had to write a 200 word essay on why they acted up in class and Rachel was one of them the bitch. Well I better go soon so as soon as I leave Ill dream of my newly wed and kiss him because he's aloud.

So friggen boy crazy.

Dusty and his brother were some kids who visited my neighbor once. Well his parents visited my neighbors parents. As you can see even when I was a kid myself I still had crushes on guys who were much younger than me. When your in grade 7, having a crush on a grade 5 boy basically makes you a gross pervert.

Oh John, why did you have to love your remote control truck more than me. WHY!? I giggled when it said he was being chased by Connie I. She was a girl from our neighborhood who was brought up by her grandparents. Her grandmother used to walk her back and forth to school every single day and sometimes would hit her with her cane. I always felt bad for her. Connie usually hung out with younger kids because kids her age thought she was a loser (kids are assholes in that way). In later years she escaped from her grandmother and went on to lead a more normal life. During my teen years I purchased illegal things from her sometimes.

I didn't remember Shawn until reading this entry. I sure remember fence jumping though. Those were good times. If you were able to pull yourself up and hurl yourself over the fence without doing any climbing you always won. I had this skill and therefore loved the game. Now that I've read this I do remember the little faces Shawn used to make. He would scrunch his face up in a bit of a sarcastic way.

I had to giggle at how easily I fell for Mike's flirtatious tricks. He got chips AND a quarter from me. He must have been good.

Mrs. Kirkpatrick taught PDR (sex ed) so she always had people in detention for acting up in her class. She wasn't a tyrant (in fact she was the opposite), we were just giggly, horny little bastards who couldn't contain ourselves. She died of cancer when I was in high school. Its a good thing I had a good PDR teacher since I had a crush on every single boy that crossed my path.

Wednesday, May 8, 1991

May 8, 91

Hello today I went to Little Shop of Horrors and it really sucked because it was all stupid music. So then we went to the park and when we were there i always felt like someone (oreo) was watching us & always feel that way so I show off. Well theres not much to say so bye.

Oreo was the nickname of some dude who used to torture the shit out of me. He used to always steal my head band/scarf and once he put it around my neck and drug me down the street on my back. Obviously this caused me to have a huge crush on him. In later years I found out he felt the same. I assumed he hated my guts what with the strangulation and all.

Tuesday, May 7, 1991


My Stool
This stool is mine
I use it all the time.
To reach the things I couldn't
and sometimes the things I shouldn't

I stole this from someone's stool. I was not that clever.

Not Fair Parents
Its not fair when you want them to come along and they don't
Its not fare when they come and you don't want them too.
Its not fare when they dont believe you
Its not fare no matter what they do.

Good effort yet still terrible.

Life is like a Rose
We come brand new
We start to fade
We fade more.
Till our petals fall off and were only dust.
Then we blow away.

♫ Dust in the wind. ♫

The sun sets
Love comes out
the sun leaves
sunshine fades
We see our friends at school
I like life its good to me.

I don't even know how to comment on these. This is by far the most embarassing stuff I have copied out of the diary. I'm starting to regret making this blog.

Winter Fun
Snowflakes fall on my nose
Where they come from no one knows
Coming down from way up there
Falling on my face and hair

I make a snowman with eyes of cole
I make a cabin by diggin a hole.

No snowflakes are alike not one
come and join me everyone.
We'll have a snow fight or maybe
We'll just play happily.

Our boots get filled with that white fluff
but we can never get enough.

Soon its christmas yahoo yippee
Now we can decorate the tree.
We listen to carolers outside our door
We could listen to them at least twice more.

Here comes grandma and grandpa
with a big toy filled box.

Winter is my favorite time of year
I shout laugh and cheer
Playing in the snow
listening to carolers put on a show
Winter, Winter, Winter fun
Come and join me everyone.

Cute in a kiddie way I guess.

Winter Cheer
In the winter I have fun
In the winter wheres the sun
Winter comes just once a year
So lets give it a great big cheer.

Thank god that's over.

May 7, 91

Je suis faim. Hi I'm french because of quebec I go in one week and two days & packed already only some though. I was at Rachels and we were listining to Dirty Dancing music that was fun. Well I just wrote a lot for Quebec so Bye.

Dirty Dancing was an obsession of ours. I saw it and The Breakfast Club at least 100 times each. I remember Rachel loved Penny, but I just wanted to be Baby/Francis because she could dance AND had awesome morals. I was so in love with Patrick Swayze/Johnny and Cry to Me by Solomon Burke is still one of my favorite songs and makes me feel lovey every time I hear it.
I still watch this movie about once a year and I still cry at the same three parts. I cry at the part where the little guy is describing the butcher that did Penny's abortion. I cry when Baby tells her dad that he let her down too and I cry when Baby's dad apologizes to Johnny at the end of the movie. Embarassing stuff right there.

Sunday, May 5, 1991

May 5, 81 (labelled April 5, 91 by accident)

Dear Diary,
Hello!! how are you im fine. Today I got a spiral perm like I said before. I like it but it doesn't suit me. On friday Rachel stold Jill from me and they lied to me a couple hundred times. Rachel said the other day Quoat "I wont take you away from Jill because I promised her I wouldnt." But she sure as hell can take Jill away from me because I didnt ask her to do me any favors like that.
Well any I went to Rachels and were supposed to go to pizza delight but Rachel had to Join our little club so now we go to Ed's (the food sucks). So when I got to Rachels her and Jill are there and so they start to brag about how they got all these new clothes at K-mart & Zellers. (Which I might add were ugly as hell.) So then I feel like a real dirt bag which I think was the whole point anyway. Then Jill left and you could tell she hated me for saying I didn't want to go to Eds. then Rachel acts like she's my best friend once Jill leaves. This made me real mad.
When Jill came back Rachel hated me again.
Me Jill and Jenelle and Rachel left and ate at Eds (a bunch of hen scratching that looks like it may be a grossed out noise). I would like to add Jill and Rachel are pigs and have no manners at all.
So then we go to the Y Dance and on the way some girl goes `tell Taunya ~~~~~ something that she better watch herself from christie c. Okay she should be at the Y dance. Will you tell her.' So we go "Yup" as if we really are too.
Well anyway then after that we came home and Jill stayed over at Rachels. What sluts neither of them called me all weekend the bitches.
Well anyway i did nothing all weekend except sit in a chair from 2:00 till 7:00 getting a perm which isnt even my style.
I wish Jenelle were my best friend then Jill would be real Jealous because she expects all of us to follow her like a lost puppy. She thinks she is our leader and can get us to go out or not go out with anyone she says but she is very wrong and Im not taking one more of her orders. So there Jill. I wonder how shell act when I say "Oh you have no lunch money thats too bad" Instead of "oh ill pay for you call your mom". Probably shell just get pissed off and go home but who gives a fuck. Well Bye.

Someone's a little bitter.
I'm glad I grew up and started earning my own money so I can shop at Zellers and K-Mart all the time now.
Ed's subs was actually my favorite place to eat in later years. I think it took me a while to warm up to them because of this one bad memory.
Maybe I should get a perm....hmmmmm.

Thursday, May 2, 1991

May 2, 91

Dear Diary,
Hello how are you Im fine. Im listening to the radio and Jesse is smashing around.
Today I went to Rachels and got a grab bag from Shoppers in it I got all sorts of cool stuff. Ill tell you some other day.
In social studies we are watching Honey I shrunk the kids in french my trip is on the 17th and theres only 2 weeks till it so im happy about that because I get to go with freedom for 4 days. Me Rachel and Jenelle are going to all be in the same room with "holly" of course.
When we go Im going to have all these new clothes. Its going to be real fun.
One thing I hate is all the druggie girls that stand on the corner and call me names and say "I like your hair" sarcasticly. Next thing I know they'll beat the shit out of me because I use hairspray.
Then theres these other girls who call me stiffy just because my hair doesn't move unless I jump or run but when I walk it doesnt. Well if I were them I wouldn't talk. One of them has ugly short brown hair with white streaks and wears glasses. The other has glasses and ugly brown hair with split ends flying all over hell.
The only thing on peoples hair that moves when they walk is a bunch of loose ends.
I dont care about them bitches any way because Im getting a perm on Sunday so theyll think I did it cause of their teasing. Its just cause I want to look good for my trip.
Well I guess Ill go Bye.

Don't make fun of the hair! Looking back, I had a fucking helmet head.
Thank god I got a perm, I bet that showed those four eyed uglies. Perms are way cooler than helmet heads.
The trip to Quebec is not written about in my diary for some reason. I never actually wrote about anything worth remembering. But luckily I still remember some of it and will now torture you with the story.
So we went to Quebec and did a bunch of touristy stuff. I only remember things that happened in the hotel and nothing educational. I remember playing with a ball out in front of our room and I leaned down to pick it up at the same time as Jenelle did. When she lifted her head back up she ran into my face. So I got my first black eye and wore it around for basically the whole trip. I was actually quite proud of it.
We went to an expensive restaurant and had "Baked Alaska". I thought I was very adult because they poured alcohol on the cake and then lit it on fire. I think we all imagined we had a buzz on.
I also remember a lot of girls had their periods but I did not. So I pretended I got it while we were on the trip. I made a big deal out of it. In the restaurant I told friends I didn't have a pad. One friend went all around the room asking "Do you have a pad for Jenn Megeney". People have quoted this to me in later years. So I wore pads around on the trip for no reason at all.
The only other thing I really remember is torturing the poor cleaning ladies. After we packed up all our stuff to go home, we plastered the room with Maxi Pads and hung tampons all over the place. I probably had a lot to get rid of since I didn't really need them and didn't want my mom to discover them. I don't think I actually got my period until like grade 10.