Monday, April 29, 1991

April 29, 91

Dear Diary,
Hi its Jenn and today I had fun at Jills B-day. It was saturday.
Well any way Im tired and sweaty & cut my foot and everything else that could be wrong so I guess I'll go. O.k. Bye.

Too bad I didn't bother to write about something fun, like the birthday party. God forbid I give myself some good memories to look back on.

Sunday, April 14, 1991

April 14, 1991

I ran away today and they caught me and if I get called one more name Illl commit sucide!

Wow. I was barely 12 years old and already I start thinking about suicide.
My dad used to call us pigs and slobs when we didn't do our chores, and my mom used to call me little things like Missy and snot, because of my shitty teenage attitude.
I still hate that every thought or feeling I had while growing up was blamed on hormones and then laughed about. It made everything I cared about invalid. I seriously pray I remember this when I have teenagers.