Saturday, March 9, 1991

March 9, 91

Dear Diary,
Likely when you find someone your love is hard to bare,
But usually when you find someone it flows through you like air.

Thats just a piece of poetry I have going through my mind all the time.


Sunday, March 3, 1991

March 3, 91

Dear Diary,
Hello how are you. I like Jills boyfriend Corey and thats all I have to say. So if you ever see him tell him to give me a call. o.k. Bye.

Evil. Just evil.

Saturday, March 2, 1991

March 2, 91

Dear Diary,
Hi its Jennifer well guess what I have been sick since the 24 really fun huh.
All I ever do is play Nintendo and watch T.V. Well I went to school for 2 days and in those 2 days heres what happened.
Day 1,
Don't ask I cant remember but heres what happened when I was back. I met John S (2) he's nice and found out Corey and Jill are close and they finally kissed. Jill went to Coreys and me and Rachel went to a beauty place and did each others hair it was really fun.
So I now find I like Jenelle and Jill better than Rachel. Dont ask me why I just do. Well Bye.

I remember I had a good time at the hair salon but when I found out Jill had kissed Corey I wished I had been kissing Corey instead of getting my hair done.

Friday, March 1, 1991

March 4, 91

Dear Diary,
Hello I still love Corey but today me and Jill were spying on Kelly and Rachel in the graveyard and when they left we were going around the graveyard. Ill tell you that place brings back memories. Ill tell you tomorrow what I mean. Well me and Jill are going back tomorrow.

I never ended up explaining about the memories. The only thing I rememeber doing there before I was in junior high was some kiddie sexual experimentation. I used to go up there with my little brother, and another guy and girl from the neighborhood. The girls used to lay down on the grass and the boys would lay on top of us. Sometimes we would have our pants down and shirts pulled up, sometimes we would wiggle around. It was pretty hot stuff.
My brother and I had the shitty end of the stick because we only got to lay with one person. The other two got to lay with each other as well as my brother and I.