Thursday, November 29, 1990

November 29, 1990

Dear Diary,
Hi I'm talking to Rachel and listening to one of my favorite songs. Well I really love Tony and can't wait till Saturday. Its going to be fun swimming with him. Well Bye.

p.s. Doctors Signature

Repetitive and boring.

Monday, November 26, 1990

November 26, 1990

Dear Diary,
I talked tony at the Y Dance. Im talking to Ramond and Rachel. I'm writing a book and I like it. Its called Katlin its about me and my life. Well I really like Tony. Rachel likes David. Well I think anyway heres nick names
Tony - him
David - his
Jon - he
Timothy - whos
Well there mine and Rachels secrets so I better go Bye!

I think the nicknames were code for when Rachel and I wanted to talk about the guys but not reveal who we were talking about to anyone else.
I remember writing the book I referred to. After chapter one (something to do with making out in an elevator) it ended up being a book about vampires. Terrible of course but it kept me busy I guess.
Great now I have Aerosmith stuck in my head.

Sunday, November 25, 1990

November 25, 1990

Dear Diary,
Last Y Dance I met this gourgous guy name John O'brien & danced with him then went out with him but at this Y Dance......................he wasn't there & I was really sad until Rachel asked me to dance with Tony Leisure. So I did and then I did again and then he asked me out & I said yes then didn't know what to say to John. I danced with Tony 6 times and felt his hair each time. It's really soft and really nice. He smelled good too for being at a Y Dance. If you get my drift. Well we didn't talk much but we did lots of lovey things. Well anyway he asked me to go swimming Saturday but i had to go skating to tell Jon I dumped him but I didn't have the nerve. So I'll have to do it soon. Well Bye.

p.s. jill & corey are back together again.
p.s.s. Rachel loves tonys twin David
P.s.s. If she goes out with him it will be perfect.

SLUT! SLUT with a conscience!
I'm still hair obsessed. I wonder if this is where it started. I know I had other diaries before grade 7 but I must have thrown them out or burned them or something. It's too bad.
I don't know what I meant by smells good for being at a Y dance. Maybe it was sweaty in there or something.

Thursday, November 15, 1990

November 15, 1990

Cher Journal,
Je parle donne le telephone avec Kevin.
Rachel et une bitch. Et copy le quit(?) de moi. Cest une retarde.
Moi plus Jonathan O'brian
Mon gaauch droit amie cest une fele.
Moi ici. Donne le concert de Christmas mon parents trouve une divorce.
Est Jennell cest mon amie pour le caffeteria
Mike Mcdonald Jaime Jill. Nes pas, ow. Moi trouve 6 skin tickets. Oi ou Non.
Mon christmas (Noel et fake.
Je parle donne le telephone avec Jill heir soir et kevin aujourdui
Moi et Jill (Met) Danny donne our way (?) le store.

Hi Im back to english
Mike Mcdonald said in P.D.R. when the teacher said concentrate on your work. He said Id rather concentrate on Jill Ripley. yesterday I called John at Jills but he was at his friends the one with the red shirt at the Y Dance.
So then we called John Sharp & Jill talked to him about Jenelle. Well Bye

Wow! The french skills are nearly equal to the english skills. I'm cringing now...more so than before.
Notice how my parents getting a divorce only got one line. It was never a big deal to me. They didn't get a divorce until my last year in high school.
For those of you who don't know P.D.R. is "Personal Development and Relationships", which is Amherst's version of sex ed. Even though we were a hick town, and it had such a non sexual name, I got a better sexual education than anyone else I have ever spoken to who went to school in a different town/city. I'm sure Mike missed a few things, but I soaked it all up. It was my favorite course.

Monday, November 12, 1990

November 12, 1990

Dear Diary,
How are you Im fine. are you
Well I went swimming today & Kevin called. Well Bye

Exciting stuff right there.

Sunday, November 11, 1990

November 11, 1990

Hey Dude,
Hows life guess what Friday I got a man. He is so cute his name is John O'Brian. I danced with him and gave him 2 skin tickets.
I also dance with Kevin and he held my ass. I like him too. I called John twice and I didnt know what to say. Jill really likes corey because she told me last night. It was a really exciting weekend
guess what no school tomorrow
well I couldnt find your key so I broke the lock
P.S. I just got asked out by Kevin & am almost cring because I couldnt
Well I really like him but I really like John too. Bye
Dear Diary,
Hi How are ya again
Guess who just called me Kevin. I like him & John a really really lot. But i like them the same god just like this (an arrow points to beautiful art work on previous page) I don't know which Well Bye

The art work is exceptional. Two hearts attached by a chain, one says I love John, the other says I love Kevin. Then coming from the middle of that chain is another chain attached to a heart with a question mark in it. Oh the humanity. TWO boys! As you can see this decision made all the difference in my life today.
Beside John's heart it says "Best one I still like him July 10/91". I remember I thought it was a huge deal that his sisters name was Jennifer. It was meant to be as far as I was concerned. It would be so cool to have a sister in law with the exact same name as me!

Dear Diary,
Hi its me again
Kevin called again and kept saying why. As in Why wont you go out with me. Well Bye
Jennifer Megeney
P.S. Im supposed to call him back and its 10:45

Creepy. He just kept saying it over and over again, nothing else, until he requested I call him back.
I was probably supposed to be in bed but rushed to the phone before my parents heard it. I remember his mom used to get quite cranky when I called him in the first place, no wonder I was scared to call so late. Even today I still hate calling people after 9pm.