Friday, October 26, 1990

October 26, 1990

Dear Diary,
Today I went to the Y Dance.
I kept walking by Tony & David god they are the cutest guys I've ever seen.
They probably know I like them Because I walked by every second.
I also like John a lot. I gave him a skin ticket.
I also expect a call from Jeremy tomorrow he said he would come into town
Rachel is staying overnight Well Bye

Yup. Those were my flirting skills. Those are still my flirting skills. I was a little more ... sexual then of course. Skin tickets were the little tabs off of pop cans. You would give them to people you liked. You had to make sure to get it off without breaking the little circle part that attaches it to the can though. If it didn't have that on it you just wasted your money on a whole can of pop. Sometimes you would go home with pockets full of them after a Y Dance. I kept them all (pack rat that I am) until about grade 9 when I chucked a bunch of stuff in the garbage that reminded me of how uncool I was...compared to how cool I thought I was in grade 9.

Thursday, October 25, 1990

October 25, 1990

Dear Diary,
Jeremy called. Jill & Racheal went home. Mom got mad & said I had no friends & that they use me
Well Bye

Looking back I do not remember my mom being that cruel. I'm pretty sure I misinterpreted what she was saying.

Thursday, October 18, 1990

October 18, 1990

Dear Diary,
Hi Jill read us her diary today. She still likes corey a lot. this pen sucks just a sec.
O.K. well any way I hate my fucken jesus shitty sluty hour fucken bitch hellyen hell devil daughter of a bitch mother. I had to get that out anyway Im going to be a slut for halloween it wont make a difference & I wont have to change much.
We wrote what we hated about each other today & I wrote nice things because I didn't want to hurt any ones feelings but heres what I really hate about them.

Jill (Heart with BFA inside it, with an x through it)
1) When she gets mad
2) When she dances
3) Lots more

Rachel (same heart)
1) When she says she has a hole
2) When she acts like she knows it all
3) Lots more

They both said that I was selfish & showed off & flirted & didn't know how to say sorry.
What the fuck does Racheal think I said when I acidentaly triped her. Fuck you! They never say sorry to me when I hurt Racheal I said I was sorry three times & asked her if she was ok about 50.
Jesus christ Jills invited to a sleepover with some bitch called diana. Fuck what the hell am I Fucken Goddam well black.
Jesus doesnt even introduct us to her. Its as if we dont exist thats the thing I hate about Jill shes selfish with boys & friends.
I like Mike Macdonald.
(Scribbled at the bottom: "Jill gets all the good men" and a heart with "I love Mike" in it.)

Well now. Where to begin. I think I will first remark on the "black" comment. That was a common thing for my friends and I to say at that time. Luckily it no longer is. When I read that my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe I was that stupid. Even for a kid that is not something I ever remember saying. Now that I've read it, I remember saying it a lot. It was as common as "retarded" in our circle of friends.
My poor mother! I wonder what it was that she did. It was obviously something terrible and traumatizing.
I love that my halloween costume was just 'slut'. How simple. I also love the fact that I called myself a slut. I hadn't even kissed a boy yet.
Rachel saying she had a hole threw me off for a while. Then I remembered that she used to always refer to her house as a 'hole'. As in "hell hole". I thought she had the best house ever because they had chips and Vachon cakes. My mom never bought junk food in the grocery order.
I recently had a dream about Mike Macdonald. I haven't seen him since high school yet there he was. Weird.
This is just by far one of my favorite entries. This is actually the entry I think of every time I think back to my old diaries. I never remember the details. I just remember writing this and how angry I was.

Wednesday, October 17, 1990

October 17, 1990

Dear Diary
I just wrote Racheal a five page note & talked to her for an hour & a half.
Well Bye

A busy day.

Tuesday, October 9, 1990

October 9 and 10, 1990

Dear Diary,
I don't know what to write right now because I'm so confused. Its hard at my new school. Its also hard coping with everyday life. Im just passing every test by 1 point. Me and Jill are going to find a day when we make plans to ????. I don't know when though. I have to stay for lunch everyday just for money. God I'm confused. ?#%*(cloud)! <--Thats my feelings.
Well Bye From Jenn
P.S. I feel like I'm locked up and the keys on the other side of town.

Well lookie here at all the luxury problems. Looking back it was all so easy. My new school had all the same people as my old school. It was just in a different building. I was being dramatic. I always wanted to be the new kid. I did have terrible grades but that is because I spent all day staring at boys.
The lunch money thing went like this. If I stayed for lunch at school my grandmother would give me money. I never used this money to eat much (she gave me like 30 dollars a week). I spent most of the money at the mall or the store. It was one of many money scams I had growing up. I never needed an allowance because I was spoiled by my aunt and grandmother.
I can't believe I thought the other side of town was really that far away. How small the world is when we are young.

Dear Diary,
Today was boring. I joined a french club. It sucks but we get to cook & stuff. Well any way I hate school I really hate it. Well Bye From Jennifer Megeney
p.s. Jill always get the attention from the boys for 2 reasons her you knows & her looks I think shes ugly.

At the bottom is a heart with Jill written in it, a heart with Jenn written in it, and in the middle a heart with Rachel written in it. The Rachel heart originally said "Roach" because that was her nickname (She was french and people always pronounced her name "Ro-shell", instead of "Ra-shell" so that's where Roach came from.
We cooked crepes at the french club. I remember nothing but the crepes.
Yes, Jill had boobs the size mine are now when we were in grade 7. The boys loved it. She was also the coolest dresser. I obviously was quite jealous of my best friend.

Monday, October 8, 1990

October 8, 1990

Dear Diary,
This Friday i got a 51 on my math test.
And yesterday when me and Jill were going to her house a kitten followed.
We kept bringing it back. Then it started meyowing so I picked it up & patted it for a long time Then it finally left. It was really cute it was black.
Well Bye

The Kitten

It was fuzzy
It was furry
& it wasnt in a hurry
I want one so
Oh! I know!
I'm not aloud
but who cares
not me!

That grade of 51 on my math test would be the norm until I reach grade 11. Then for some reason I turned into a math whiz and got 90's in the advanced courses. See I didn't worry about it and it all turned out in the long run. ;)
This entry shows off my artistic abilities. The beautiful drawings and poetry that I am so well known for today all started right here. Beside my signature on page one is an arrow pointing to the poem and it says "Doesn't make sense". The girl in the picture is saying "This is the one" as she reaches for the kitty. At the bottom are the words "I want a kitten now or else"
Cats and boys, not much has changed..not much at all.

Or else what?

Wednesday, October 3, 1990

October 3, 1990

Dear Diary,
I'm sorry for two reasons
1) because Ive neglected you. I couldnt find your key.
2) because i scribbled all over you & went thrugh 4 pens.

Okay so yesterday night I was at school & for once in my life scott & jason were talking to me then I saw the guy I really like & Jill goes "Theres your honey Jenn". So then Scott & Jason told him. It was embarasing. He has braces & short hair.
The update on Jeremy is that I met him a long time ago at the mall hes cute too. Hes tall & has long blonde hair. Oh, la, la. him and Chris thats the other guys name are the two guys I like.
They're both very cute & both nice.
Jeremy calls me every night now.
Well Bye

I love that every entry just stops short with a "Well Bye". Again at the top it says: "He's a Piece".
This is the totally typical preteen girl diary entry right here. It has all the elements:
- Talking to the diary as though it's a person.
- Being ignored by the hot guys.
- Bitching about your female friend
- Crushes that you call love
- The heart with "J.M + C.M. +J.M. + J.P."
- Valley girl lingo.

This date is my brother's birthday. I guess I was too boy obsessed to even mention that in passing.
I still think braces are cute...although at this age not many people have them.