Wednesday, August 29, 1990

August 29 and 30, 1990

Dear Diary,
Today I finally got tight jeans with zippers and plane blue jeans that are tight and another Bart Ay Carumba. Its been a great day.
I saw corey, chris and a guy I don't know (Jeremy) but hes cute and I saw him 3 times. Know who I really like Tony & David Leisure. They are twins and theyre really cute theye Jills cousins & Johnathans too. Theyre too hot to handle. There a piece.
Jennifer Lynn Megeney

I guess it was important back then to have tight jeans. My grade 7 ass must have looked great in them. This is also the first mention of the skaters. That would become an ongoing issue from this entry until the middle of high school.

Dear Diary,
Today a guy named Jeremy called he said he liked me we talked for a long time and I found out I really like him too. He is very nice hes 11 and his number is 597-xxxx he lives in springhill he sounds really cute and hes really nice god i love him so much he is so so perfect. Like the twins hes too hot to handle too cold too hold.
Love Jennifer Megeney

WOW! So this dude got bored one day and decided to call his phone number but instead of dialing the 597 part he dialed the 3 digits that give you Amherst (667). It happened to be my phone number. I suppose it was fate, how else could I fall in love so fast with a complete stranger I had never met. At the top of the page it says "He's a piece" again. I'm sure I learned that from someone's big sister. The too hot to handle thing is from a song I believe. Probably something from Rap Traxx.

Tuesday, August 7, 1990

August 7 and August 14, 1990

Aug 7, 1990

Today was boring I watched more simpsons.

Underneath it says: "Blah I'm Stupid" and "This happened at the States"

Not much more to say about that entry. Sometimes I wrote stuff just to stay in the habit of writing. It made me look like I had a life.

Aug 14, 1990
Mom & Dad gave Kitty & Kitty Junior to the SPCA. God I hate them. The cats were my 2nd best friends. But of course Rossie & Friskie didn't have to go. No they were onlly the half bald ones from scratching.
Well Bye

Underneath it says: "But I like Rossie Best"

Yup. When we came back from the US of A the house was infested with fleas. My teenage brother was left home to take care of the place and apparently didn't do a very good job. I remember my brother and I building flea suits to sleep in the night we got home. My parents figured the best solution was to get rid of some of the animals. I never fully forgave them.
I thought Kitty and Kitty Junior were the most clever cat names around. Friskie was our other cat and Rossie was the dog. August 14, 1990 - Jennifer starts thinking about why animals are so disposable in this world.

Monday, August 6, 1990

August 6, 1990

Today i watched about 10 eposodes of the simpsons. They're great so is this new diary mom got me. I like Maggie and Bart they are the best. I just found out they're are 162 pages in this diary. I finally got to see Lost Boys everyone else saw it when it first came out. I think the first guy they kill is cute. He is also on Bill and Teds excelent adventure. He is so cute well bye.

At the top and bottom of the page is the name "Tony". A guy I dated for about 2 weeks. We met at a Y-Dance and danced that slow turn about dance. I fell in love...for a while.
The name "Bill" is circled with an arrow pointing to "That's who he is!". I guess I didn't know which one he played in the movie. Even back then I was terrible with names.

The inside front cover has some bubble letters that spell out "I Love Geoff White". You will find out about that later.
There is also a heart that says "JM + ? J.O. + GW + T.L." and "TLF".
And of course underneath that is the reminder to myself to not get too cocky. At least now I know my self esteem problems started early.
"So stupid no one would go out with me if they were paid."

Wednesday, August 1, 1990

Diary 1 - The Simpsons Diary

I don't know if you can read it, but written on the back it says:

"Aug-90 until July-91
A few Poems"